Sales Process

Sales Process

Over 25 years’ experience in the business have enabled JYC AUTO to develop a sales system with the highest guarantees for the customers, whether corporate or private.

JYC AUTO’s key advantage when compared with other companies in this area of business lies in the FINANCING of the vehicles until these reach their final destination (only for selected ports), in addition to the fact that it routinely accepts other payment methods, such as LETTER OF CREDIT, used and accepted in international sales. The buyer of the vehicle is thereby able to deposit a small percentage of the sale price of the vehicle as agreed at the time of the order confirmation. The remainder of the balance is payable upon confirmation of the arrival of the vehicle at its chosen port of destination.

Vehicles are transported from their point of origin to our warehouse in the port of Montreal via truck or train, and fully insured in order to cover any potential flaws or damage that might be incurred by accident. Once the vehicles reach our warehouse, they are stored in their container in a manner such that they cannot move or be damaged during shipping, being anchored to the bottom of the container with steel cables and timber wedges able to resist over a ton in tension.

All containers are closed and sealed in our Montreal warehouse. They are not reopened until their arrival on the premises of our logistics and customs officers, in key ports of Europe, Asia and the Middle East or other areas where they are stored in warehouses, under full guarantee of security and preservation until they are collected by the buyer. The most noteworthy factor in this process is the fact that all of the companies that intervene in the process, from beginning to end, are the same for all vehicles sold by JYC AUTO, with staff that is both qualified and experienced with regard to unloading and moving vehicles. All of this ensures that quality standards and utmost care in the handling of the vehicles are maintained from start to finish.

Lastly, JYC AUTO provides all the necessary documents required for the execution of bureaucratic processes upon arrival at the port of destination, in accordance with the customs regulations in force in the country in question, thus providing the customer with an all-in-one service. With JYC AUTO, purchasing an American vehicle from anywhere in the world becomes a clear, fast and fully guaranteed process.

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