Company Presentation

Company Presentation

JYC AUTO INC. is one of the leading Canadian businesses in the worldwide export of vehicles, with over 25 years’ experience in the field and sales figures exceeding three-hundred units monthly since 2013.

JYC AUTO INC. is a family-run company with a solid structure which is the result of extensive experience that has earned it thousands of customers across the world and a flawless reputation on every level. In the current business climate, where technological advances allow access to a wide range of information from any part of the world, JYC AUTO INC. is fully aware that pricing is not the only important factor when it comes to sales. Speed, efficiency, honesty, professionalism and impeccable customer care likewise form the basis for the past, present and future success of the company.

With headquarters located in the city of Montreal, in the beautiful province of Quebec (Canada), the company boasts its very own logistics department, which allows the shipping of vehicles loaded in containers from one of the most important ports on North American territory to anywhere in the world, in record time. JYC AUTO also habitually keeps stocks of the most popular models in warehouses located in various geographical areas such as Montreal (Canada), New Jersey (USA), and Bremerhaven (Germany), in order to minimize delivery times for our customers.

The company’s specialty is brand new vehicles that originate from the US, Canadian, and Mexican markets, purchased directly and exclusively from official dealers. Given the company’s yearly figures and its unique track record, the models that are in highest demand and constitute the greatest novelties on a worldwide scale are consistently available to our customers, at unbeatable prices. In any case, regardless of the model from the American market you choose, JYC AUTO will bring you the most competitive offer in record time. Put us to the test and see for yourself!

Given the current advantage of the Euro versus the US and the Canadian Dollar, the European market is gaining crucial importance in terms of JYC AUTO INC.’s business activity. The company keeps sales offices in European countries, and sales / logistic hubs in Germany and the Netherlands, thus allowing local customers to purchase their American vehicle in the very same conditions they would encounter if they were making the purchase in its country of origin, yet without the hassle and inconveniences this process might entail if it were private; and all of the above in the friendly atmosphere customers are accustomed to in their own country, with the utmost guarantees of both reliability and standard.

Furthermore, JYC AUTO INC. has special interest these days in reaching out to customers in heavily expanding markets such as China, Russia, and African and Middle East countries. For this reason the company has added specific salesmen to its crew, born in those areas with perfect knowledge of the culture and the language.

In similar fashion, JYC AUTO INC. boasts its own network of business partnerships, one that includes customs brokers, logistics officers, local approval and registration authorities etc. in the main countries of destination, which guarantees our customers a fast and efficient handling of the various processes required for the arrival of vehicles at the port of entry. Years of partnership with these creditworthy businesses, a sound knowledge of local legislation and procedures and a proven reputation all combine to ensure that the “JYC AUTO style” is maintained from the day the customer confirms the order of his dream vehicle, until said vehicle is in the customers’ hands, making those dreams into a reality.

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